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ELITE SERIES™ Panorama Series Overview

The Elite Series represents our premium line of replacement windows and patio doors that are manufactured in Warren, OH. These products are marketed under the Panorama trademark.

Elite Series products are made in custom sizes, per project…and have many, many options to choose from including 4 interior woodgrains and our exclusive Panorainbow exterior color system. Double Hung, Slider, Tilt-n-Slide, Picture Window, Casement, Casement Picture, Geometric, Dimensional Projection (Bay/Bow), and Patio Door are available.

The Double Hung window consists of two "sashes", one on top and bottom, that slide up and down as well as tilt in for easy cleaning. The sliding action is made possible by springs (balance system) which support the weight of each sash. The bottom (inside) sash is primarily used for opening the window, although the top (outside) sash can also  be slid downward for ventilation.
ELITE SERIES™ Panorama Bay & Bow Windows
All of these styles project into the outdoors and create additional space and dimension within your room. Vista handcrafts every dimensional projection window utilizing only the very finest raw materials. The frames of the window and also the head and seat board are constructed using only the most expensive 9 ply, Grade-A, hardwood plywood. The mullion posts between the windows in the unit are not only structural, but they are also totally filled with energy efficient die-cut EPS foam.

Many window companies today do not manufacture their own Dimensional Projection Windows. They sub-contract them out to other companies. Vista believes that when you do this, you are relinquishing control over quality to someone else. Vista handcrafts each and every unit from start to finish, from your exact dimensions using your specific configurations. Vista has total control over quality in-house, ensuring a perfect window for you and your home.

ELITE SERIES ™ Panorama Picture Windows and Geometric Shapes
Picture Windows are the perfect style of window to provide you with a Panoramic view of your outside world.

While they do not ventilate, they provide for maximum visible light and can make the room that they brighten seem larger and more open wide.

Picture Windows can be combined with any other window style to create truly unique and sometimes massive combinations.

Vista Picture Window profiles can be made into many dynamic geometric shape windows. Use your imagination and design the window of your dreams. Vista will custom make it for you.


Sliders have two or three sashes, the end sashes have the ability to slide left and right. In the case of a "2-lite" slider, each sash (or sometimes called a vent), slides freely. With 3-lite sliders, the center is stationary. This window is usually used when width is greater than height.

This unique product combines the features of two windows. On the one hand, the tilt-n-slide will glide back and forth horizontally like the Panorama Slider. On the other hand, the sashes in this window will swing inward, much like a french door.
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